Saturday, October 30, 2010

Android wheel update: scrolling

I'm glad to inform that the Android wheel widget has been updated.
Now scrolling feature looks more user friendly and the wheel is updated smoothly, like expected.

I've also renamed methods of the scrolling listener interface to make them clear to understand. They are called now onScrollingStarted() and onScrollingFinished().

The next feature planned to be added is the animation. It is the main feature of Wheel control, and in the same time it is the most difficult to implement. So, it requires some time to be done, and I hope I will have enough time to do that.

BTW, some people try to implement the animation,  moreover, there is an job offer that asks to implement the animation for the money :)
Unfortunately, I'm not able to do that as quick as expected, so they could wait for 1-2 months until I implement that.


  1. Hi Kankan, thanks for implementing this wheel, it is a great start. I had two questions:

    1) Is the animation related to adding fling handling / touch events so that the user can fling the wheel instead of just moving step by step?

    2) How is the animation work coming along and do you have an idea of when it might be completed?

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Bill,

    1) Yes, you are right. The wheel will be rotated automatically depending on initial speed received from user touch.

    2) I suppose it will be done for next month. I hope I'll finish it till mid of Dec.

  3. I am sorry for a completely basic question, but I can't find this information because I don't know how to look for it: how do I reuse your Wheel widget in Eclipse? I have my app in which I want to use the wheel picker, however, when I add the wheel to my layout as in Password activity example, my app always crashes. I tried to add Wheel project which I downloaded to "Required projects on Build path" in my project's Java Build Path. How do I reference your project and use its resources? Thanks.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    I suppose you should copy widget sources and resources into your project.

  5. Hi Anonymouse, it was simple as that! Thanks, worked. I was still trying to reference the original project, but after copying the sources into my project it just runs fine.

  6. Wonderful control! Have you considered replacing the WheelAdapter interface with a ListAdapter interface instead? That would be really awesome.

    If not, would you mind if I took a stab at it? Can't see that it would be *that* complicated

  7. Hi p3,

    Yes, I'm going to use the adapter like ListAdapter instead WheelAdapter.
    I'm not sure it will be ListAdapter but it will have the same interface.

  8. Yes, of course it doesn't have to be ListAdapter per se, only the ability to set a custom view for the rows. Then we could include any imaginable controls in the rows. You're doing a great job so far. I've found one similar component on google code that also looks nice ( Maybe you should team up? :)

  9. I have ZERO experience building apps, but I am dying to build a simple android app. All it is, is a wheel (like urban spoon) but just single text. That's it's. I just want to have about 350 words and a wheel to spin to pick one. Would anybody be kind enough to lay out some directions to begin. I know about Eclipse, but I am so confused by the lingo used in it and completely unfamiliar with any sort of html/computer talk. I think I can figure it out with a little help though. I've watched a couple youtube vids that have been somewhat helpful.