Thursday, November 25, 2010

Android wheel update: animation

The wheel widget has been updated. There has been added the main feature - animation.
Now it is possible to scroll the wheel automatically by using the finger fling.
In the same way there is the ability to scroll the wheel programmatically by using next methods:
  • void setCurrentItem(int index, boolean animated) - scrolls to specified items if animated is true
  • void scroll(int itemsToScroll, int time) - scrolls up/down by itemsToScroll items
The main feature that is not implemented at this moment is custom views for wheel items. It will be implemented soon.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Weather forecast widget: Weather providers

The one of main parts of weather forecast widget is communication with weather provider.

I have found next providers (please let me know if you know another ones) that work only with the US cities (except Google weather):

Friday, November 12, 2010

Project for beginners

The main problem for beginners is to choose a project to learn Android. It needs to invent a test app for each topic from Android SDK Developer's Guide. And as a result there are lots projects that in general don't have any value.

It would be better to choose a one project that covers as much as possible items from Android SDK. A one of good project that helps learning Android is the Weather forecast App widget.

There can be covered next items:
  • App Widgets
  • User Interface (layouts, menus, dialogs etc.)
  • Resources (drawables, stings, styles & themes)
  • Intents
  • Content Providers
  • XML and Web servers (weather providers)