Friday, November 12, 2010

Project for beginners

The main problem for beginners is to choose a project to learn Android. It needs to invent a test app for each topic from Android SDK Developer's Guide. And as a result there are lots projects that in general don't have any value.

It would be better to choose a one project that covers as much as possible items from Android SDK. A one of good project that helps learning Android is the Weather forecast App widget.

There can be covered next items:
  • App Widgets
  • User Interface (layouts, menus, dialogs etc.)
  • Resources (drawables, stings, styles & themes)
  • Intents
  • Content Providers
  • XML and Web servers (weather providers)

 I've found my Weather App widget and I see it is not bad as for beginner. The main problems were to work with weather providers and design widget view. In one of next topic I'll describe it.

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