Thursday, April 28, 2011

Convert It

I'm glad to inform you about publishing the unit conversion application called Convert It.
The main reason was to have a simple unit converter without necessity of navigating through a lot of screens to set parameters for converting needed units, like it is for almost all such applications.

Next are a little description:
  • Nothing extra. Only the categories and units that are used in everyday life.
  • A simple interface allows you to select all the options you want, without using additional screens.
  • There is an ability to copy and paste the data from the clipboard.
  • Support for Ukrainian, English and Russian languages. Using the current system language (English by default).
It has been not finished yet. It is the initial version, and I have a lot of ideas how to improve it. Also I'd like to get feedback from users to make it more useful.

You can download it from the Android Market.

PS I'm going to describe the technical part in details in the next posts.


    1. Hey, hope to read the technical part soon. Any plans on an update to android-wheel? Thanks, Tom Harrigan

    2. I'm very excited about this :) I'm 51 and still get giddy when new things come out, I too can't wait for the tech parts to be disclosed , thanks a lot you made an old coder very happy :))

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